Pricing Guide

Dear Customer

The value of Art depends on demand.  The demand depends on the quality of the Art and the reputation of the Artist.  Because the quality and the reputation usually increases every year, so does the value of the Art.

The aim of this guide is to provide information where each Artist is in their journey.

Consult the list every year, to appreciate what your collection of Art is currently worth.  Even if you do not wish to sell, knowing the value of your Art helps you to see if your insurance coverage is still sufficient.


Artist USD per square inch*
Joe Essien 1,24
John Ogbeta 1,20
Tunji Oluwadamilare 1,08
Emeka Nwagbara 0,96
Yusuf Seidu Okuns 0,85
Gbolade Omidiran 0,75-1,50
Umeh Bede 0,48


*1 inch equals 2,54 centimeters.  Take the length in inch multiplied by height to arrive at the square inch.  As an example, a painting that is 30*20 inch = 600 square inch.  If it sells for USD 600, then this Art is worth USD 1 per square inch.