Info for the Artist

Welcome to the site that was created by Artists for Artists.

To promote Artists from Nigeria within the country, and to the four corners of the world.


What precisely are we doing for our Artists ?


i. Website

The website promotes Art and facilitates sales (local & International) on behalf of the Artist.  Signup is FREE.  We deduct a modest 20% commission on each sale.


ii. Exhibitions

Together with partners we regularly organize exhibitions.Signup is free.  The Exhibition deducts a commission on each sale.Not all art can be accepted, depends on the capacity and the theme of the exhibition.


iii. Copyright

Art on the website is registered with the United States Copyright Office.  If your Art is copied without your consent, the registered copyright allows you to take legal steps to stop infringements and seek compensation.  Because your works are registered in the United States, it is easier to find lawyers there who will accept your case because of your rights under US Copyright law.


iv. Licensing

In countries around the world Artists license their Art so that it can be printed as multiples, used on curtains, wall-paper, t-shirts, dresses, cups, plates, and more.  Licensing is distinct/different from sale of the original work.

For Artists who are on the Nigerian Art website, Signup is free.  To learn more about participating in Nigerian Art licensing, click the following link.


v. Work with Interior Decorators

Nigeria has some amazing interior decorators.  These are specialists in “shapes and colors”.  A decorator is hired when companies need to decorate or redecorate a reception, an important office, a meeting room, or even a house that is for sale.  They are big purchasers of original Art and prints.  We expect that interior decorators from other countries will also be interested in Nigerian Art and Artists.


vi. Information service

We keep an updated list over world-wide opportunities for “Artist in Residence”, exhibitions and grants.
For Advice on pricing your Art see this link.


vii. Cooperation with galleries

We work with Galleries in Nigeria and abroad.



Use this Link to upload works of Art

For any question, see the Frequently Asked Questions here, or please contact us


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