Frequently Asked Questions


for the Customer

Are the paintings and sculptures originals ?

To the best of our knowledge, all the imagery offered on the Nigerian Art website is original to the individual Artists. Some Artists offer the imagery for reproductions, but unless identified as a reproduction, the artworks posted for sale are one-of-a-kind originals.

Why are there no photographs or cartoons on the website ?

We presently specialize in original Artworks and imagery.

What is included in the price ?

not included are:
Transport (cost depends on city/country of destination)
Framing (for painting) or pedestal (for sculpture)
Placing of Art with spotlight in house or office

If exported, also not included:
Nigerian export duty (this is 10% of Art value)
Value Added Tax, Art Tax and Import Duties may be charged by Customs in your country

Can you provide frame and/or pedestal ?

Yes we can.
We have experience in finding the frame or the pedestal that is just right.

Is the price negotiable ?

To save you time, we have already obtained from the Artist seller the best price available.

How can I pay ?

For Art priced less than USD 1000 (one thousand USD) we prefer payment on delivery.
For Art priced above we prefer bank transfer.

Outside Nigeria
We accept paypal, transfer and various cards.

Is NigerianArt.net cheaper or more expensive than other galleries ?

This is difficult to answer, however
most Artwork on NigerianArt.net is for sale from the Artist,
the commission to NigerianArt.net is much lower compared to that of galleries 

What kind of documentation do I receive when I buy the Art ?

Certificate of Authenticity

If requested:
Authorization to Export issued by the Nigerian National Museum (cost is 10% of the Art value, collected by the Museum)

for the Artist

Is my Art safe on the website from copying ?

Most photos on the site are watermarked.
The photos sizes are small, limited to only 250 pixels wide. To copy such a small photo into a large format is difficult, and if done will usually look very different and inferior compared to the original.
As an Artist it is important that your art be seen, that you and your Art is spoken of. Showing small photos samples your work, helps you from being copied.
The Art on the website is regularly registered with the US patent office.  This gives you the protection and leverage.

Why have I not heard of you before ?

NigerianArt.net was founded in June 2017, so we are still relatively young.
Nonetheless we have a good flow of visitors and increasing number of sales, in Nigeria and abroad.


How do you market yourself ?

To create awareness we use social media, newspapers and magasines.

We are expanding our network of cooperating galleries in and out of Nigeria.
We appreciate recommendation amongst friends.
We focus on customer service.

How should my Art be priced ?

This is entirely your choice.
While some Artists ask high, then lower prices if sales are slow, we recommend you start low and increase prices as demand for your Art increases.  This way you avoid the prospect that customers will see your prices decreasing and feel they have overpaid. Since Art collectors pay for your name just as much as they pay for your art, we recommend that you spend as much time as you can building your name (your “brand”).

One thing you can do on your pricing is to compare your works with the paintings of others. Consider the age, experience and reputation of the other Artists, the number of paintings they have sold and the size of his/her following.  Price your works accordingly, mindful that if a would-be purchaser is not familiar with either artist, but appreciates both of their works, they are more likely to purchase the one that costs less.

Another interesting fact is that studies have shown that customers relate to the size of the Art more than the time you spend making it.  For a handcrafted quality painting, for the starting Artist fresh out of Art school or equivalent, we recommend not starting lower than USD 1 per square inch. So a painting measuring 80cm x 60cm (31 inch x 24 inch = 744 square inch) should be priced more than USD $744.

How much does it cost to have my Art displayed ?

Displaying your Art is free.  We charge a commission on the sale.
Our commission is only 20% on the gross sales price.

What commission and charges do i I need to include in my sales price ?

Your sales price should include the 20% commission to NigerianArt.net (see previous question) plus transport with insurance to the following four cities: Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Kanu and Abuja.

We regularly work with Art Galleries and Art Exhibitions around the world, where we use our brand and size to negotiate for you the lowest possible commission. If you participate in these, they have their own separate charges which we will discuss with you and agree upon separately.

Where can I signup ?

Contact us anytime by email, phone or chat.
You can even submit Art directly on [Works Of Art].
for the Interior Designer

An appartment is listed for sale, we need Art to stage it/make it more attractive, can you help ?

We can source and mount the Art, including frames/pedestals and spotlights.
You will be asked about the details of your insurance. On who provides the van. To sign a contract where you assume responsibility for any damage or loss of the Art.
The charge would depend on the logistics, if the Art is available nearby or needs to be transported from the other side of the country.

How can we filter to see only a specific colour or combination of colours amongst all the Art on the site ?

Please contact us by email, phone or chat.

We need a painting or a sculpture with a specific motive, but can not find anything close.. ?

Some Painters and Sculptors offers the commissioning of Art.

Do you offer discount on large purchases ?

Normally no, but contact us so that we can inquire on the particular Art that interest you.