[For its culture and ingenuity,

make Art from Nigeria the preferred choice

when people everywhere

wants to put some “colour” into their homes and lives.]



[Painters and Sculptors are placed in the center.

We seek excellence,

by focusing on one Artist at the time, one piece of Art at the time.]



NigerianArt.net was created by Artists for Artists.  Established in June 2017, we have in a short while been trusted by many.  We are grateful.

We have a proactive approach.  To see what this means for the Artists, see the Information for Artists here.

We are passionate about Art.  And we are serious about Art.



Sunday Paul, Manager.

He is a painter by profession. Mr Paul has worked for some of the country best known names in the advertisement industry. He is passionate about Artwork, and about helping customers find the Art that feels right for them.




Eveshobhase Dada.

He is a painter by profession.




Chelsea Edirin

She is a painter by profession.




Rukky Ray Okpu, Hd of Public Relations.