Tunde Abisoye
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Tunde Abisoye considers himself an evolving artist. Mostly working with the mediums of Chalk/Charcoal /pastel on black paper/canvas. His creativity surrounds light which he captures by taking advantage of contrast and uses hues to create different tones and grades in his work. Tunde has done several works ranging from Hyperrealism: Art is Sanctuary 2015 ; Gratitude 2016, Concept art & illustration: Sickness(7up)2016. Find your Wings, Art is a weapon (2017). Combat sports: Rumble on the Atlantic 2016. He featured in last year's #mondaymastery for Zenith Bank ,DSTV's 53 extra and also sat as a judge in Farabale's art contest and online magazine Artbeat 100 young talents 2016/2017. Early in 2018, The Spark NG featured Tunde on their online platform. Abisoye's experimental work with graffiti art is currently on display at Sao cafe and Utopia in Lagos. He is working on a series entitled 'Resistance' here he tells his story using comic book fantasies to describe his struggles and journey as an artist.