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Enunwa Jude Born Nov 6, 1985 in Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria, Enunwa Chukwudi Jude currently lives and works in Abuja, Nigeria. His flair for sketching animate and inanimate objects cultivated his interest in the arts at a very early age as far back as drawing his basic school teachers while they taught. After graduating from high school(command sec. Sch. Kaduna), Enunwa earned his bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Benin, Edo state, Nigeria(UNIBEN) in 2008, under the tutelage of the great El-Dragg Okwuoju(painting department), he finished with a second class upper division(2/1). Over nine years ago after college, he confesses he was hypnotised into the ICT profession during that period. Going as far as earning an MCITP title rather than painting. This is actually his first exhibition since school days and promises he is here to stay. It's been a joy to rediscover paint in the years since graduation he says. Working with oil on canvas, Enunwa uses the rich tones that oils provide to give his paintings a strong physical presence. That presence is enhanced by his skill at rendering lifelike figures. He is completely captivated by people, absorbed by portraits and the figure. Whether just for his own enjoyment or for private commissions, he loves to use pallet knife, brush and paints to creatively capture a likeness. He likes to make marks with his paint, rather than try for a photographic smoothness, but regardless, the end result should is an accurate observation, created with painterly expressive marks. The resulting works transform standard notions of realism into a uniquely fauvistic form. The realisim/fauvism of Enunwa Jude are deeply inspired by nature and all its varied aspects, but his main source of inspiration is divine. From time to time he varies his subject matter with a landscape or some vulpine art, but people remain his true obsession for now, eg. Portraits. This has lead him to mostly paint and sketch past heroes with a constant reminder to Nigerians about the true labours of their past. He believes it’s possible to make this nation a better place to live in by building on their legacy. He was opportune to spend a rewarding 3months working on a Painting project with the great artist Oswald Uruakpa along other contemporary Artists which he considers a privilege to him. Rewarding in the sense that it served as an eye opener to see the practices he has been missing for over 7yrs in the art sector. (Artwork project can be seen at the presidential villa) During His Basic education level, he was awarded the best Artist in his set.(seen in testimonial) He was awarded the most active exco of Fine and applied Arts in UNIBEN. In 2010, his work was chosen to represented Ebonyi state during the arts and culture exhibition nationwide which was televised by DBN, Channelstv etc. He also participated in the Unionbank Centenary Art challenge where he listed amongst the top 100 artists nationwide. He recently participated in two group exhibitions titled Abuja Art Walk for Peace and Exploring Nigeria Korea Visual. Both had his works sold out. Jude hopes to expand internationally.