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Oswald Anayo Uruakpa was born on 19th June 1969. He is a product of the prestigious Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu, and member Society of Nigerian Artists. Oswald has successfully practiced as a fulltime studio/professional artist for a record 29 years to his credit (1987 till date). He has handled quite a good number of commissions which adorn many public and private homes in Nigeria and abroad. Oswald is a recipient of numerous awards including the National Gallery of Art’s National Visual Art Competition - first prize 2009, and National patriot portrait competition - First Prize 2010, Lagos, Nigeria to mention but a few. He recently featured at the Art Expo New York – Pier 94, April 23-26, 2015. His participation in New Currents, Ancient Rivers-70 African and Contemporary Arts for [email protected] week of Entrepreneur and development at the UN Headquarters New York,USA-Nov.16-20, 2015 is worthy of note. He has also participated in international exhibitions in Senegal-Dak’Art Expo 2010, ‘’Art world Tour’’ in Egypt 2010, and recently “Art for Peace” International Exhibition of Africa Values. Venues: Ethiopia 8th March 2014, Istambul- Turkey 31st May 2014, and a grand closure in Waldorf Astoria, New York, 25 September, 2014. Other exhibitions attended include, Psychic Signals 2009, ARESUVA 2009, US Mission Nigeria-Nigerian Art in the US Ambassador’s residence-2011. End Sexual Violence in conflict. Venue - British High Commission, Abuja 11th September 2014. He has also participated as Juror in the final selection of works for the National Gallery of Art’s 4th National Visual Art Competition, 2012, and 2015 as well. He is also a regular expert on television and radio as well as a frequent contributor to newspaper and magazines. Oswald is actively involved in the promotion of Artistic values in the society and is presently the chairman of Patriotic Artists association Abuja Nigeria. Oswald has kept the candle burning. Through practice and research, he has developed his famous technique of impressionistic – realism, which has been in flow for the past 14 years and is still evolving as experience is a continuous process. Ride on Oswald.