Abdulfattah Adeyemi
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Abdulfattah Adeyemi’s unique works of Islamic calligraphy offer the reward of discovering the beauty of the most important art form of Islamic culture. His brilliant use of colours and the superb balance between designs and forms bid you to appreciate the contemporary dimensions of the geometric arabesques, momentous motifs and the realms of creative compositions. These form the essence of his works’ immediate strong visual impact and aesthetic appeal which transcend distances in space, periods in time and differences in culture. Thusly, his Arabic calligraphy invites you to appreciated the contemporary dimensions of the aesthetically vigorous letters, their underlying magnificent structures and their sheer elegance that communicate their own messages to minds and hearts of anyone who contemplates his “words on canvas”: the words that motivate and encourage one to appreciate life, learn to live, and live to love. They are rewarding, heartwarming gifts to loved ones, beauty to the homes, delight to the eyes, joy to the hearts and light to the souls. Abdulfattah Adeyemi has had several group and solo exhibitions, as well as commissioned artworks in private and corporate collections. The artist is also an accomplished family counselor, public speaker and academic.