Imo Chigboromogu Michael
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Imo Chigboromogu Michael is a creative artist with a bias for painting at this phase of his carrer. At the moment, he is a full time studio artist who is currently practicing in Abuja, Nigeria. His works dominantly is a voice he uses to bring to the fore the current socio-political runnings in the society. He has constantly been in tune with his innerself and one of the results is his painting, a path he hopefully yearns to find a space for himself. He is a member of the Society of Nigeria Artist, Abuja Chapter. Aside from painting, he uses body and a performance arts as another tool to make his arts known ad his voice. Some selected exhibitions; 2010 Inaugural Exhibition 'SNA' Nasarawa State Chapter, 2010. 2015 Barcelő: An Artist between the Mediterranean and Africa. Thought Pyramid Arts Center, Abuja. Getting to Zero, Arts Competition / Exhibition. American Embassy, Abuja. 2016 Feast Your Eyes. Flamingo Rooftop Restaurant, Abuja. DENIM EXHIBITION.Exhibition Pavillion, Abuja. The CONVERSATION; Creative Youth as Drivers of the Change Agenda. STATE HOUSE, Abuja. 2017 'THOUGH I DONT KNOW YOU' (Performance Arts) AMBASSADE DE BELGIQUE, Abuja.