Commissioning of Art

For a gift that is unique, to your friend or to yourself.


Is there a special occasion coming up ?


such as

  • an anniversary
  • a graduation
  • the birth of a child
  • Christmas or Eid
  • Hajj to Mecca or Pilgrimage to Jerusalem
  • the opening of a business
  • the launching of a product
  • a wedding … ?

By commissioning a work of Art the special occasion can be remembered

Price depends on the fame of the Artist, the time and the materials

Because Nigeria has an abundance of talented Painters and Sculpturs, there will probably be an Artist that is right for you, no matter how small or large your budget.

Many traditional gifts (such as watch, sweather, a vase, porcelain, a furniture, etc.) fall in value over time, because of use and sometimes technological advancements.

A piece of Art on the other hand, particularly if painted by an up and coming Painter, will likely over time become more valuable.